We’re still crying about Claire Holt’s departure from The Originals as a main character. The supernatural spin-off just won’t be the same without Rebekah Mikaelson to keep her brothers in line! But, if we can’t have Claire on The Originals, then we sure as heck better get her on something else. What did Claire say she was looking for in her next role?
我们还在因为Clair Holt不再在《初代吸血鬼》中扮演重要角色感到难过。这部超自然生物主题衍生剧没有Rebekah Mikaelson后就不再是原来的那部剧了!但是如果Claire离开已经成事实,我们也只能希望她能有更好的前途。那么离开这部剧之后,Claire会想演什么角色呢?

“I would love to continue to challenge myself by trying different things. Action. Drama. Comedy,” Claire told Glamoholic. “I would be grateful to do any and all of it if someone is kind enough to hire me!”

Prior to her turns on TVD and The Originals, Claire had a recurring role as Emily’s girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars.