Warning: if you haven't seen the episode yet, there will be plenty of spoilers!

Tonight marked the final episode of Breaking Bad, and the show made sure that it went out with a bang. There were tons of theories flying around about how the series would end, and as it turns out, a few of the most popular ones actually took place. 

In the end, a few of the most popular fan theories turned out to be correct — Walt died as the result of a violent showdown with the Nazis, Todd and his crew were killed, Walt helped free Jesse, and Lydia got the ricin treatment through her very particular tea order. Walt also got a chance to make sure that his $9 million would eventually end up going to Walt Jr. by handing it off to Gretchen and Elliott.

The episode was also immensely satisfying in that we got to watch Jesse strangle the life out of his captor, Todd, and we finally got to see Walt admit that he didn't just go into the meth business to help his family. In his final meeting with Skyler, Walt tells her about his illegal activities, "I liked. I was good at it and I was really — I was alive." It was only fitting that Walt spent the final moments of his life checking on the one thing that eventually consumed his life: his meth lab.


《绝命毒师》大结局已上演,我们要跟这部长达五季度的剧集说再见了。在最终集上演之前,剧迷们早已预知了老白的死,并对老白将以何种方式死亡展开了激烈的讨论。最终老白死于一场恶斗,他并没有得到一个好的结局。而剧迷们得以听到老白的心声,他并不是为了支持家庭而走向邪恶,他是为了自己的欢愉:“我享受(这一切违法的活动)。我擅长这些,在做坏事儿的时候我是活着的。”让我们跟老白说再见,也跟这部陪伴我们这么久的剧,say goodbye 吧。