Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and the rest of the cast of Breaking Bad had a lot to smile about at the Emmys this year. The guys didn't win any individual awards this year, but Anna Gunn joined their Emmys club with her statuette for outstanding supporting actress in a drama. Of course, the real icing on the cake was when Breaking Bad won the night's top honors with the award for outstanding drama series for the first time. Take a look back at their big night from the red carpet to the afterparties.
Bryan Cranston、Aaron Paul以及其他《绝命毒师》演员们今年横扫艾美奖,笑到最后的是他们。虽说男士们并没有拿到奖杯,不过Anna Gunn凭借最佳女配角成功冲进艾美奖俱乐部。不过最值得一提的肯定是《绝命毒师》在大结局之前居然拿到了艾美奖剧情类最佳剧集这座最有分量的奖杯,这也是该剧首次拿到该奖项。我们现在就来回顾一下艾美奖派对上剧组演员们的风姿吧。


Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston buddied up on the red carpet.
Aaron Paul和Bryan Cranston在红地毯上亲密地一起拍照。


Anna Gunn looked gorgeous on the red carpet.
红地毯上的Anna Gunn看起来美极了。


Betsy Brandt looked glam for the big night.
这晚的Betsy Brandt看起来很迷人。


Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston looked like two peas in a pod on the red carpet.
红地毯上的Aaron Paul和Bryan Cranston看起来就像一个模子刻出来的一样。


Bryan Cranston took a few solo shots on the red carpet.
Bryan Cranston在红地毯上拍了几张单人照。


Dean Norris smiled big before heading into the Emmys.
Dean Norri走进艾美奖颁奖会场的一路上大展笑颜。


Jonathan Banks arrived with his wife, Gennera, on his arm.
Jonathan Banks的妻子挽着他,两人一起到达。


RJ Mitte arrived in style.
RJ Mitte在红地毯上摆造型给记者们拍照。