Enter the era of a teenage Ms. Bradshaw in The CW's The Carrie Diaries (an adaptation of the Candace Bushnell books), set in 1984. We caught up with executive producer Amy Harris and the cast on the red carpet of the prequel series' premiere at last fall's New York Television Festival (NYTVF).

TV Guide Magazine: How did you ultimately decide to cast AnnaSophia Robb as the iconic Carrie?
TV Guide Magazine:你是怎么决定最终由安娜索菲亚·罗伯来饰演凯莉这一角色的?

Harris: We went to AnnaSophia's agents and asked, 'Can she meet with us?' They said, 'She's going to college. No thank you.' We saw many a young lady and I thought, 'We're not going to make this show, we can't find her.' We talked to [Robb] on the phone and she was so thoughtful about the character. She's beautiful and talented, and when I'm watching her face on the screen, she embodies every girl that you wish you were. She's very special. We're very lucky.

TV Guide Magazine: What can we look forward to in this first season?
TV Guide Magazine:第一季中有哪些看点?

Harris: There will be great, fun high school stories, some good winter dances and even a crazy Halloween episode. And then of course, the Manhattan stories, which will be going to Indochine and the fabulous places of 1984 New York. We're really mixing it up in a lot of ways.
哈里斯: 会有很多精彩的片段,有很棒的冬日舞会,有趣的高中故事以及疯狂的万圣节。当然,还有关于曼哈顿的故事。我们用许多不同的方式将这些故事衔接到一起。

Freema Agyeman (Larissa, Carrie's party girl mentor): My character is not in the book, but the part is fabulous — Larissa is completely our executive producer's creation. She will drag Carrie the whole way with her and it probably will be bumpy and rocky along the way.

Brendan Dooling (Walt, Carrie's best guy friend): It's a coming-of-age tale so a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it and just be like, 'Yeah, I'm going through that same thing.'

Ellen Wong (Mouse, Carrie's best friend in high school): The '80s are still alive and happening and I feel like we're already rockin'. And I am definitely loving Bryan Adams right now.

Stefania Owen (Dorrit, Carrie's younger sister): I'm a movie buff so I watched Purple Rain to investigate the era. And my mom said she was quite rebellious when she was younger.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you a fan of Sex and the City?
TV Guide Magazine:你是《欲望都市》的粉丝吗?

AnnaSophia Robb: I love Sex and the City. It's obviously not on right now, but I love going back to watch it.

Agyeman: I never watched Sex and the City when everybody else was watching it, but I got the box set and I fell so hard in love with it. And I haven't read The Carries Diaries yet because I like to preserve things.

Dooling: Absolutely. I enjoy bonding with mama so I watch with her every so often.