"Smash" alum Jeremy Jordan is heading to "Elementary."
《名声大噪》的演员Jeremy Jordan即将参演《基本演绎法》。

The former Broadway star will appear in a Season 2 episode of CBS's Sherlock-centric drama as Joey Castoro, who has a connection to Joan Watson’s past.
这个以前的百老汇明星即将会出现在以Sherlock为中心的CBS剧集的第二季中,扮演Joey Castoro,一个与Joan Watson的从前有着密切关系的人。

A rep for CBS has confirmed to The Huffington Post that Jordan will appear in an October episode of "Elementary" as Joey, the son of a surgical patient who died in Watson's care.

“We’re going to ... explore Joan's feelings of guilt,” executive producer Rob Doherty told TVLine. “At what point do you tap your guilt and give yourself permission to live a life?”
“我们将要去…挖掘Joan的内疚感,”执行制片人Rob Doherty告诉TVLine说。“要怎样控制你的内疚感才能给自己一个理由继续生活下去呢?“

Jordan isn't the only new face headed to "Elementary" Season 2. Rhys Ifans has joined the show as Sherlock Holmes's big brother Mycroft, and Sean Pertwee will assume the role of Lestrade, the Scotland Yard inspector who has alternately appeared as Sherlock's friend。
Jordan不是唯一即将参演《基本演绎法》第二季的新面孔。Rhys Ifans已经确定参演,他将扮演Sherlock Holmes的哥哥Mycroft。Sean Pertwee将继续扮演Lestrade——作为Sherlock的朋友偶尔出场的苏格兰警探。