1Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell and his handsome face first caught our attention as baddie werewolf Brady in Season 2. It comes as no surprise that since leaving the show his career has blown up: He now stars as Oliver Queen on CW hit Arrow.
Stephen Amell这张帅气的面庞第一次引起我们注意是在《吸血鬼日记》第二季里演一个名叫Brady的反派狼人的时候。怪不得他离开剧组之后就风生水起混出头了:他现在是CW热门美剧《绿箭侠》中男主Oliver Queen的扮演者。

2Matt Davis

Who doesn't miss this vampire hunter? Fortunately, you can get more Matt Davis in Cult, which ran for 13 episodes last season. And soon he'll be back on your small screen with a reoccurring roll on CSI Season 14.

3Malese Jow

After playing teen vamp Anna, Malese snagged a role as Lucy Stone on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. Malese will return to the CW in February 2014 on the teen network’s new midseason series, Star-Crossed. Melese will play Julia, Emery’s (Aimee Teegarden) best friend
在演完Anna这个角色之后,Malese在Nickelodeon的美剧《派对男孩》中扮演Lucy Stone这个角色。Malese将会在CW电视台季中新剧《Star-Crossed》中出演。在剧中她将会扮演Emery的闺蜜Julia。

4Taylor Kinney

Damon may have killed Taylor's character Mason. After leaving TVD Taylor starred as Dave in the web series Dating Rules for My Future Self. He currently stars as Kelly Severide on NBC's Chicago Fire.
Taylor在《吸血鬼日记》中的角色Mason被Damon杀了。在离开《吸血鬼日记》之后,他在网络剧《Dating Rules for My Future Self》中饰演Dave。现在他在NBC美剧《Chicago Fire》中扮演Kelley Severide。

5Mia Kirshner

Elena's bio mom can currently be seen on SyFy's Defiance, where she plays Kenya Kirshner.
这位扮演Elena生母的演员正在SyFy电视台的美剧《Defiance》中扮演Kenya Kirshher。

6Sara Canning

Like so many people in Elena's life, Jenna Sommers's time on TVD eventually had to come to an end. But don't cry for Sara Canning: After leaving TVD she had a starring role on Primeval: New World. And she currently has a number of films in the works, including upcoming flicks The Right Kind of Wrong and I Put a Hit on You.
和其他出现在Elena生命中的角色一样,Jenna Sommers的命运也难逃一死。不过大家不要为Sara Canning伤心:在离开《吸血鬼日记》之后,她在《Primeval: New World》中出现了。另外她目前还有多部电影正在拍摄,包括即将上映的《The Right Kind of Wrong》和《I Put a Hit on You》。

7Arielle Kebbel

You can catch Stefan's best friend in the upcoming film Cupid's Bed and Breakfast. She also had a recurring role as Vanessa Shaw on the fourth and fifth seasons of 90210.
这位Stefan的至交好友将会出现在即将上映的电影《Cupide's Bed and Breakfast》中。另外她还在《90210》第四、五季里扮演常驻角色Vanessa Shaw。