Spoiler alert: A vampire got fully naked -- full frontal, in fact -- by the end of Sunday night's episode. Alexander Skarsgard, who plays True Blood's resident bad-boy vampire extraordinaire Eric Northman, shed his clothing for a revealing -- and critical -- scene on the HBO series' season six finale on Sunday, Aug. 18.
剧透警告:在周日晚播出的《真爱如血》第六季最终集结尾中,有一位吸血鬼全裸了—而且是,正面全裸。周日晚上(8月18日)在 HBO 播出的《真爱如血》第六季大结局中,由亚历山大·斯卡斯加德扮演的坏小子吸血鬼艾瑞克·诺思曼脱掉了衣服上演了香艳一幕。

The chiseled 6'4" Swedish actor literally lit up the screen during the explosive episode after his character Eric burst into flames while enjoying a good book in snowy Sweden -- completely in the buff.

The camera cut before his fate was completely sealed, though fans speculate that there is little chance that Skarsgard's character could have survived his spontaneous combustion. So what caused Eric's sudden fiery conundrum?

With Warlow's death, however, all of the vampires appear to lose their ability to live in the daylight -- though, fortunately for the vamps in Bon Temps, it's nighttime at the moment of Warlow's death, so they are unaffected.
随着 Warlow 的死,所有吸血鬼好像都失去了在日间生存的能力—然而,良辰镇上的吸血鬼们是幸运的,Warlow 死时他们那里是晚上,所以没有受到影响。

Skarsgard's Eric, however, is on the other side of the globe and catching a few rays in Sweden -- and thereby suffers a fiery fate.