Somehow, we've reached the end of True Blood Season 6 already. Where did the time go? And, perhaps more importantly, what's going to go down in the finale (Season 6, Episode 10: "Radioactive")? To answer that question, we've gathered all of the juiciest spoilers about the finale right here.

Salvation comes at a price. Bill may have saved everyone, but according to the official synopsis of the episode, he learns that "salvation comes at a price."

What about Jason? Meanwhile, according to the official synopsis, "Jason senses a vampire attraction firsthand." How does that link to him packing heat in the promo for the finale?

Sookie's future. Sookie "examines her future with Warlow." In the promo they seem to be participating in some sort of ceremony. Does she decide to marry him?

A new crisis. Wondering what the drama will be now that Vamp Camp is overturned? Us too. We do know that "a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires." We know the finale will involve some cliffhanger-y elements, so this new threat, whatever it is, might not be resolved next week.

Back to the basics. Indeed, according to executive producer Brian Buckner, we're going to see the show return to its roots: "We are going to reduce the number of stories we're telling and make this feel like we're going home." Rob Kazinsky (Warlow) explains this further, saying, "We're going to be left with a very shell-shocked and broken original grouping of characters to go into Season 7."