Oliver Queen may have plenty of new enemies in "Arrow" Season 2, but at least one old foe will make a return: China White (Kelly Hu) will return to the superhero series in the second episode of the season.
《绿箭侠》第二季将会面对很多新敌人,不过也有一个老对手的回归:China White(Kelly Hu)将会回归这部超级英雄美剧的第二季。

While Hu's China White is the only confirmed Season 1 villain to make more trouble, fans can expect other old foes to reappear in the second season. "Part of the enjoyment of Season 2 for us is how do you combine the old -- not the old -- but the Season 1 villains with the new Season 2 villains," Guggenheim hinted.
而China White不是唯一一个从第一季就出现的反派,观众们可能会期望看到第一季的反派在第二季再次出现。“对我们来说,有趣的地方就在于我们要想办法让这些老的——不能说老——应该是说第一季里的反派出现在第二季了,”Gunggenheim(《绿箭侠》制片人)说。

"We've confirmed that John Barrowman is coming back," said Guggenheim. But then the producer added, "We are a show that does flashbacks."
“我们已经确定John Barrowman会回归,”Guggenheim说,他之后又补充道:“我们的剧不搞闪回。”