BBC One announced this morning that actress Amanda Abbington has joined Sherlock series 3, which is currently filming its trio of episodes.

While her character remains a mystery at present, her role is described as someone 'that significantly impacts upon the lives of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.'
阿曼达·艾宾顿饰演的角色目前还未知,不过艾宾顿将扮演一个对“华生和福尔摩斯生活产生重要影响” 的角色。

Amanda's character features in S3E1: The Empty Hearse, which is currently filming. There is no word if the character will recur in any other episodes.

Since Abbington is the long time romantic partner of Freeman, the early speculation is that she will play one of Watson’s wives on “Sherlock.”

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories, Watson was engaged to a woman named Mary Morstan who had died by the time that Holmes revealed his survival at Reichenbach Falls in “The Adventure Of The Empty House.” Conan Doyle also mentioned Watson’s second wife in two later stories, but that woman wasn’t named.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman have been together for 11 years, live in Hertfordshire and have two children, Joe, six, and four-year-old Grace.