The town in "Under the Dome" is starting to fill up. The latest casting news about the CBS summer show (which comes from Steven Spielberg and Stephen King) is that Britt Robertson will play the role of Angie.
《苍穹下》演员阵容开始扩员了。关于这部CBS夏季新剧的最新演员动态就是,Britt Robertson将会在剧中扮演一个名叫Angie的角色。

The star of "The Secret Circle" and "Life Unexpected," Robertson's new character is a pretty, young waitress. Angie has always dreamed of leaving her small town of Chester's Mill and studying to become a nurse. That is most likely not going to happen once the events of the TV show begin.
这位出演过《秘社》和《缘来一家人》的女星在这部新剧中的角色是一个漂亮年轻的服务员。Angie一直希望离开Chester's Mill(缅因州一个度假小镇),去外地学习并最终成为一名护士。不过在本剧最开始,这似乎只是一个遥不可及的梦想而已。

"Under the Dome" will air on CBS this summer as a 13-part series. The story is based on a book of the same name by Stephen King and focuses on a small town that suddenly and inexplicably gets cut off from the outside world by a transparent dome. As time passes, the townspeople try to figure out a way to escape while even survival becomes an issue.