Two new faces are coming to Mystic Falls.

Camille Guaty and Charlie Bewley will guest-star in at least two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, has learned.
《电视指南》报道,Camille Guaty和Charlie Bewley将会在《吸血鬼日记》第四季中客串至少两集。

Guaty, whose credits include Prison Break and Las Vegas, will play Caitlin, a woman from Professor Shane's (David Alpay) past. Shane has been helping Bonnie (Kat Graham) to relearn her magic, but he might be bad news, considering it was he who sent vampire hunter Connor (Todd Williams) to Mystic Falls.

Meanwhile, Bewley, who portrayed vampire Demetri in the Twilight films, will play Vaughn. Details about his role are being kept under wraps, but considering Klaus (Joseph Morgan) & Co. are in search of the vampire hunters, we're guessing (and hoping!) he'll be one of The Five they've been seeking.
另外在电影《暮光之城》里扮演吸血鬼Demetri的Bewley也要来《吸血鬼日记》客串了!扮演Vaughn这个角色,关于这个角色的还没有披露,不过Klaus这帮人最近在找吸血鬼猎人,所以我们猜测他可能是The Five之一。

Both actors will first appear in Episode 13, with the potential to return for more.