ABC has released the title of the upcoming Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere. It will be called "Broken" and it will center on the adventures of Snow White.

That's all we know about the episode at the moment, but let's go over the plethora of Once Upon a Time casting news that has been announced over the last couple weeks: Colin O'Donoghue will portray Captain Hook.

Former Terriers star Michael Raymond-James has signed on as an unknown character. Julian Morris will play Prince Phillip. Sinqua Walls? Sir Lancelot. Jamie Chung will take on Mulan and Sarah Bolger Sleeping Beauty. Emile de Ravin, as Belle, has been promoted to series regular.

Once Upon a Time returns on September 30.


关于该集我们暂且只知道这些,但是让我们来回顾一下几星期前发布的《童话镇》剧集新闻:科林·奥多霍诺(Colin O'Donoghu)饰虎克(Hook)船长。《无厘头侦探》演员迈克尔·雷蒙德·詹姆斯(Michael Raymond-James)已签约,角色未知。朱利安·莫里斯(Julian Morris)将饰演菲利普(Phillip)王子。辛奎·沃尔斯(Sinqua Walls)饰兰斯洛特(Lancelot)骑士。杰米·钟(Jamie Chung)将饰花木兰,莎拉·伯格(Sarah Bolger)饰睡美人。艾米丽·德瑞文(Emile de Ravin)饰《美女与野兽》中的美女贝拉(Belle),为剧中常规演员。