Unforgettable lives! CBS has picked up the procedural starring Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, which was cancelled in May after one season, with a 13-episode order targeted for next summer.

Following the cancellation by CBS, Sony Pictures TV, which co-produces Unforgettable with CBS TV Studios, began actively shopping the series to other networks, including TNT and Lifetime, while also pursuing a resurrection at CBS where it eventually started renewal negotiations. Unforgettable centers on Carrie Wells (Montgomery), a New York detective with the ability to visually remember everything, who works for a team led by her ex-partner and boyfriend, Lt. Al Burns (Walsh). Unforgettable will mark the highest-profile summer original scripted series to air on CBS in a long time. The network, which sticks mostly to unscripted fare and scripted reruns in the off-season, recently had some success with another crime procedural, Canadian import Flashpoint, which started in the network in the summer.

The axing of Unforgettable was surprising and one of the closest calls this upfront season. In its first season, Unforgettable averaged 12.1 million viewers and a 2.5/7 among adults 18-49 and was the most-watched series on any network to get the hook. The series was created by Ed Redlich and John Bellucci for Sony TV, CBS Studios and Timberman/Beverly. Walsh is with Gersh and manager Bob McGowan, Montgomery is with UTA.

沪江娱乐快讯:独家消息:《记忆神探》又活过来了!CBS电视台在5月砍掉这部由派琵•蒙哥马利(Poppy Montgomery)和迪伦•沃尔什(Dylan Walsh)主演的新剧后,刚刚又宣布该剧计划明年夏季回归,第二季预定播出13集。

在剧集被CBS电视台砍掉后,和CBS电视剧工作室(CBS TV Studios)联合制作该剧的索尼影像电视剧部(Sony Pictures TV)就开始积极地向其他电视台推销该剧,包括TNT和Lifetime台,但同时也没有放弃争取在CBS台的复活,他们的努力没有白费,最终换来了与CBS的续订谈判。《记忆神探》围绕着纽约警局侦探凯莉•威尔斯(Carrie Wells)展开,她有着过目不忘的本领,她工作的团队由她的前搭档兼男友阿尔•伯恩斯上尉(Lt. Al Burns,迪伦•沃尔什饰)领导。《记忆神探》将成为CBS台播出史上最高调的夏季原创剧集。CBS电视台夏季一般播出无剧本节目和剧集重播,但最近播出的从加拿大引进的警匪剧《闪电行动》获得不小成功。

此前《记忆神探》的被砍令人意外,也是今年最惊险的决定之一。《记忆神探》首季平均观众人数达1200万,18到49岁年龄段平均收视率达2.5/7,是所有台被砍掉的剧集中观众人数最多的。剧集由艾德•莱德利奇(Ed Redlich)和约翰•贝鲁奇(John Bellucci)为索尼电视和CBS工作室和廷伯曼/贝弗利制作。