However, the decision may now be reversed, with Deadline reporting that CBS is in talks to revive the show for a 13-episode second season.

Though the network declined to comment, the new episodes are apparently intended to air in summer 2013. Unforgettable followed Carrie Wells (Montgomery), a cop with a rare medical condition that gives her the ability of perfect recall.

It was previously reported that the show could continue on cable, with both TNT and Lifetime expressing interest in a possible pick-up. The first season of Unforgettable wrapped on May 8 in the US. In the UK, the series aired on Sky Living.

沪江娱乐快讯:尽管收到了12.1的平均收视率,派琵•蒙哥马利(Poppy Montgomery)的探案之旅还是在第一季播出后被network终结。不过,随着Deadline杂志报道说CBS商讨复活这部剧并拍摄一共13集的第二季来看,这个决定有望更改。

尽管network拒绝发表言论,但第二季显然打算在2013年播出。《记忆神探》的情节是跟随凯莉•威尔斯(Carrie Wells,在《记忆神探》中由蒙哥马利饰演)的脚步展开的。而凯莉是一名患有罕见超忆症的警察,也就是说她有着超常的记忆力。

早前曾有报道说这部剧会继续在有线电视播出,lifetime和TNT电视台都想继续播出这部剧。第一季《记忆神探》在于5月8日在美国播完。而在英国,这部剧曾在Sky Living电视台播出。