Q: Which one is correct?

A: The man did not want some "belly time" in the first place.

B: The man knew that the baby could hear everything.

C: At first, the man believed that it made sense talking to the baby through the stomach.

D: The baby can hear everything when talking from the inside of a turkey.


难度指数:☆☆☆ A 正确,原文有“Not that I believe any of this.” B不正确,这句话出自女方的口中。C不正确,这和A刚好意思相反。D不正确,这纯粹是为了听不懂的你乱写的选项。有多少人中招D呢?


Ross: Look, if she's talking to it, I just think that I should get some belly time too. Not that I believe any of this.

Phoebe: Oh, I believe it. I think the baby can totally hear everything. I can show you. Look, this will seem a little weird, but you put your head inside this turkey, and then we'll all talk, and you'll hear everything we say.