The previous True Blood trailer for season five told viewers not to cry, this HBO smash was nearly back with new episodes.

But it may be difficult for Sookie to hold back her tears in the latest look at what's to come this summer, considering the accusation leveled against her by Lafayette: Sorry, girl, but you're the Angel of Death.

So states Sookie's pal as they seemingly dig a grave for Tara. But is she really dead? That question appears to be answered in the official descriptions for the first three True Blood episodes of the new season.

Follow the preceding link to read them and then watch the following new teaser. True Blood returns in all its bloody, naked, delicious glory on June 10.

之前曝光的《真爱如血》(True Blood)的预告片似乎在告诉粉丝们,不要因为等待太久而哭泣,这部HBO的代表作马上就要带着新的剧情回归了。



在阅读这些叙述时要将原来的点滴联系起来,下面就让我们来欣赏这支新曝光的预告片。 《真爱如血》将于6月10日在鲜血与欲望中荣耀回归。