"There is just a massive amount of stuff going on in that episode. I don’t have any idea how we fit it all in," Emily VanCamp said. "I think people are going to be really excited about it."
“这集里实在是发生太多事了,我都不知道这么多事怎么能就这么塞进一集里的。”艾米丽•范坎普(Emily VanCamp)说道。“我想对此,大家都会很兴奋的。”

Creator Mike Kelley has previously let slip there might be a death (or two ... or more!) in the finale. And unlike the death of Tyler Barrol, this time, it'll feature a major character.
早前,该剧主创麦克•凯利(Mike Kelley)透露,季终时可能会有一个角色死去(或者两个……或者……更多!)同时,与泰勒•巴罗(Tyler Barrol)的死不同的是,这次,这将是为主要角色的离开。

"What’s so amazing about the show is they are not afraid to tease potential deaths of very important, loved, well-known characters on the show," Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) revealed. "There will be some demising."
加布里埃尔•曼(Gabriel Mann,饰演诺兰•罗斯Nolan Ross)透露道:“这部剧的精彩之处就在于,剧里的任何一个重要的,深受观众喜爱的,而且名气响当当的角色都会面临死亡。季终时确实会有角色死去。”

So, who's on the chopping block? It could be anyone, according to the cast.

"We don’t know until we come back what sticks. We don’t know. No clue," Nick Wechsler admitted. "There is a huge twist for Jack."Gabriel added, "A huge cliffhanger."
“我们也不知道这将会是谁,简直是毫无头绪,”尼克•维切斯勒(Nick Wechsler)承认道,“对于杰克(Jack)来说,他的生活将有一个巨大的转折。”加布里埃尔补充道,“绝对的扣人心弦。”

Losing a beloved character is never easy for fans (or for the cast members), as Christa Allen (Charlotte Grayson) warned us.
克里斯塔•艾伦(Christa Allen,饰演夏洛特•格雷森 Charlotte Grayson)告诉我们,对于粉丝们(甚至对于卡司们)来说,失去一位深受喜爱的角色,绝不是件轻松的事。

"There’s definitely going to be some sadness involved in the finale," she said, "but it’s going to make you tune into next season."

"It’s going to make you hungry," co-star Connor Paolo (Declan Porter) piped in. "It’s going to be tense."
她的合作演员康勒•帕奥罗(Connor Paolo,饰演德克兰•波特 Declan Porter)补充道,“这季的结局将会异常紧张,会让你迫切地渴望第二季。”