USA Network on Tuesday morning unveiled its annually sizzling summer line-up featuring new seasons of four longtime faves plus a pair of sophomore runs.

USA’s summer schedule kicks off Wednesday, June 6, with Season 4 of Royal Pains (at 9/8c) and Season 2 of Necessary Roughness (10 pm), starring Golden Globe nominee Callie Thorne.

The following week, on Thursday, June 14, Burn Notice returns for Season 6, leading into the second season of Suits (starring Gabriel Macht and SAG Award nominee Patrick J. Adams).

Come Tuesday, July 10, White Collar serves up new Season 4 capers (kicking off with the matter of on-the-lam Neal), followed by Covert Affairs Season 3.

Also on tap for USA this summer is Political Animals, a Washington, D.C.-set miniseries penned by Greg Berlanti and Lawrence Mark and starring the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk (Lone Star) and Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl).


今天,USA公布了夏季剧集的播出日程表,包括《妙贼警探》(White Collar)和《金装律师》(Suits)在内的多部热门老剧回归时间和新剧《政治动物》(Political Animal)的首播时间也浮出了水面。

根据时间表,《火线警探》(Burn Notice)第六季和双男主法律剧《金装律师》第二季将于当地时间6月14日先后回归;《欲海医心》将作为《辣女队医》(Necessary Roughness)第二季的前导节目于当地时间6月6日回归。《邻家女特工》(Covert Affairs)第三季和《妙贼警探》(White Collar)第四季将于当地时间7月10日回归。

另外,《政治动物》(Political Animals)将在七月播出,具体时间待定;前些时候另一部新剧《执法双雄》(Common Law)已经确定将于当地时间5月11日登场。