Q: Which can't be concluded from the conversation?

A: Rachel need $100 in advance to spend on thankgiving.

B: Rachel wants to impress her father that she can make her own living now.

C: Terry will give Rachel $100 in advance since she asked.

D: Rachel is a terrible waitress.






Rachel: Terry,I,I,I know that I haven't worked here very long,but I was wondering,

do you think it would be possible if I got a $100 advance in  my salary?

Terry: An advance?

Rachel: It's so that I can spend Thankgiving with my family.See,every year we go skiing

in Vail,and normally my father pays for my ticket,butsort ofstarted the whole

independence thing,you know,which is actually why I took this job.

Terry: Rachel,Rachel,sweetheart.You're a terrible,terrible waitress.Really,really awful.

Rachel: Ok,I,I hear what you're sayin'.I'm with you.Um,but I,but I'm trying really hard.

And I think I'm doing better.I really do.Does anybody need  coffee?(everyone in the

place raises their hand)Oh,look at that.