Q: Which one is not true according to the conversation?
A: Paolo missed his flight.
B: Rachel got attacked when getting into a cab.
C: Rachel missed the party for spending too much time at the airport.
D: There are many people listening to Rachel talking now.

答案反白可见 > > C < <

A正确。“Rome. Jerk missed his flight.”B正确,全文都在讲这个。D正确“oh...everybody having fun at the party?”C不正确,首先无法推断出此信息。或者说,由后面的“oh...everybody having fun at the party?”能听出来,派对还没结束。

Monica: Oh my gosh! Rachel, honey.. are you okay? Where-where's Paolo?
Rachel: Rome. Jerk missed his flight.
Phoebe: And then... your face is bloated?
Rachel: No. Okay. I was at the airport, getting into a cab, when this woman- this blonde planet with a pocketbook- starts yelling at me. Something about how it was her cab first. And then the next thing I know she just starts- starts pulling me out by my hair! So I'm blowing my attack whistle thingy and three more cabs show up, and as I'm going to get into a cab she tackles me. And I hit my head on the kerb and cut my lip on my whistle...oh...everybody having fun at the party? (To Monica) Are people eating my dip?

around 到处,在 ... 附近
expense 费用,花费,代价