True Blood has found a new boss for Alcide.

As previously teased, this werewolf Raoul may not be free to cozy up to Sookie on season four because a new master will come on board. And he'll be recurring in at least seven episodes.


According to TV Line, this head wolf - the packmaster of Shreveport - will be played by Daniel Buran.
根据TV Line报道,这次出现在什里夫波特的狼人领袖将会由Daniel Buran扮演。

Raoul's first appearance will be in episode 4.05, titled "I Hate You, I Love You." Guess we'll be getting a werewolf showdown as well as a witch war this season. True Blood is back in June.
狼人领袖Raoul的首次登场将会是《真爱如血》第四季的第五集,该集剧名为“I Hate You, I Love You.” 看来和本季即将上演的巫师大战一样,我们还有一场狼人争斗可以期待。《真爱如血》将在今年六月回归。