The Vampire Diaires will flashback to 1864 one more time before this season concludes.

This development will take place on February 17, as Elena finds an old stash of John Gilbert journals. From there, viewers will be taken back to Stefan's darkest days, after he murdered his father and turned his brother.
这次闪回是由于Elena发现了John Gilbert的老日记,将出现在2月17号(美国时间)播出的剧情里。在这一集里,观众们将会看到Stefan在亲手杀了自己父亲、转变了自己哥哥之后,他经历的最黑暗的日子。

"His guilt us so deep that he goes off the deep end," Paul Wesley says to Entertainment Weekly of his character's reaction to those events.
“他感到深深的愧疚感而变得歇斯底里,”Paul Wesley在向《娱乐周刊》谈自己扮演的这个角色对这些事件的反应时说。

According to Julie Plec, Bonnie is going to be “ready to rumble” , after she discovers Luka and Dr. Martin are working with Elijah. And Kevin Williamson says Bonnie and Jeremy will kiss “sooner or later.
另外,据Julie Plec说,Bonnie在知道Luka和Martin是Elijah的人之后将会做好“作战准备”。Kevin Williamson说Bonnie和Jeremy“迟早”会接吻的。