Director Tom Harper, whose credits include “War & Peace” and “Peaky Blinders,” has boarded “The Rocks,” a TV adaptation of Peter Nichols’ novel, with “La La Land” producer Fred Berger attached as one of the executive producers.
导演过《战争与和平》、《浴血黑帮》的导演Tom Harper将携手《爱乐之城》的制片人Fred Berger(他将担任监制之一)共同制作这部由Peter Nichols原著的小说《The Rocks》。

Set on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, “The Rocks” is a love story and a mystery, told in reverse. “It begins in the present day with the death of an older married couple who fall from one of the island’s many cliffs after an argument,” according to a statement. “From this striking opening, the story rewinds through time, following the intertwined lives of the duo and their families over the course of half a century.”
故事发生在地中海的马洛卡岛,《The Rocks》是一个爱情故事同时也是一个谜。“故事是以现实中一对老夫妻在争吵后从其中一个岛的悬崖上跌落为开端,然后在这对夫妻还有他们的家族生活了半个多世纪以后,开始时空倒流。”