Billy Eichner has joined the cast of American Horror Story's upcoming seventh season.
Billy Eichner 将会加入《美国恐怖故事》即将开播的第七季。

The comedian, best known for his confrontational man-on-the-street series Billy on the Street, has landed a recurring role in the FX anthology series, Deadline reports.

No details about Eichner's character have been released, but Deadline reports he is playing a confidant of Sarah Paulson's character and "will mostly be wearing mysterious tank tops," whatever that means.
目前还没有关于Eichner扮演的角色的相关细节,不过Deadline报道,他的角色会是Sarah Paulson的好朋友,而且相当神秘。

Eichner is the third actor confirmed for the season, which will be inspired by the 2016 presidential election. He'll appear opposite AHS regulars Paulson and Evan Peters, with more returning favorites expected to be confirmed in the coming months.
他是《美国恐怖故事》第七季正式确认的第三位演员,之前已经确认的演员是Sarah Paulson和Evan Peters,据悉将会有更多广受观众期待和喜爱的明星将会在之后公布。