There will soon be a new face in the TARDIS. Peter Capaldi has announced he will depart Doctor Who after its upcoming tenth season.
《神秘博士》中“博士”要要换人了。主演Peter Capaldi已经宣布自己在第十季之后将退出《神秘博士》。

The Scottish actor, who joined the long-running sci-fi series in 2013 following the departure of Matt Smith as the time-traveling Doctor, made the announcement during an interview with BBC Radio 2 on Monday.
这位苏格兰演员是在2013年因为“神秘博士”Matt Smith的退出,他开始出演这部科幻剧。Peter Capaldi于本周一在BBC Radio 2的采访中公布了这个消息。

Doctor Who returns to BBC America with 12 new episodes later this year.
《神秘博士》共12集,将在今年晚些时候在BBC America回归。