It's an age-old dispute: Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Males and females show different behaviors almost from birth. Researchers say these behaviors are due to basic differences in brain structure and activity. Studies show men are better at hitting targets and solving math problems while women are better at memorizing words and recognizing faces. Why the difference?.

A test of the brain's electrical activity (EEG) shows that women commonly use both sides of their brain while men rely more on one. Scientists already know that the two sides of the brain control different functions-one controlling the sense of space, for example, the other controlling language. Some researchers believe that the different ways men and women use their brains 1)evolved from ancient times, when cave men hunted and women cared for the children. Men had to have good aim. Women had to talk to the kids.

Whatever the explanation, the battle of the sexes continues. And although their brains are constructed slightly differently, men and women may be equally capable. They may simply rely on different abilities. Take a couple arguing over the location of their car in a parking lot. The man might use his sense of space to find it, while the woman relies on her recognition of landmarks. They both find the car. But chances are, they'll still argue about who's the better driver and who's better at finding the way home.