Each ticket will have a digital chip that identifies the purchaser to prevent re-selling the much sought after tickets and to help identify counterfeits. Officials said block ticket sales would be limited to corporate sponsors and youth groups.

显然,报道中的“block ticket sales”指的就是“团购”,“block”在此表示“整批的”,如:the big block sale (大量成批销售)、a block booking (团订、大批量预定)。此外,名词短语“a block of”也常用来形容“大量、一组、一批”,如:a block of time(一整块儿时间、比较集中的时间)。

值得一提的是,上段报道中还有一个很好的短语值得我们学习:ticket touting(倒票)。相应的,“倒爷”则可表达为“a ticket tout”。