Topic 5: Reading and writing I'm always on the lookout for a good book. Affirmative When you read a good book, you communicate with a great mind. Reading English novels is an excellent way to boost your vocabulary. Reading expands your thoughts. Negative I can't stand motivational books because essentially they're pretty much the same. Some biographies are false. I don't put pen to paper very often. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi now. Affirmative Children can improve their handwriting by imitating nice examples of hand-writing online before developing their own style. E-mail is much more convenient and much faster than regular mail. And it's cost-efficient. The information highway has put a wealth of information at your fingertips. On the information highway, everything is just a click away from you.
话题五:阅读和写作 我总是在努力寻找好书。 正方 当你读一本好书的时候,你就是在和一种伟大的思想交流。 读英文小说是扩大词汇量的一个好方法。 阅读开阔思维。 反方 我无法忍受励志书籍,因为从本质上,他们相当雷同。 一些人物传记是虚假的。 我很少用笔写东西。 现在很多咖啡店和餐馆都提供免费无线网了。 正方 通过在网上模仿漂亮的手写字范本,孩子们可以在形成自己的写字风格之前写出更好看的字。 电子邮件比常规邮件更为便利也快得多。 而且它的成本效益很高。 这条信息高速路通过你的指尖碰触而展现出丰富的信息。 在这条信息高速路上,一切事情距离你都只有点击一下鼠标的距离。 翻译by 凭栏观澜