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Its history goes back to over 200 years ago. It has become an indispensable part of this city. This has been a time-honoured tradition in this city. It's a mecca for international tourists. It's like a magnet for international travelers. It's a must-see. It's steeped in history and culture. The locals are warm-hearted and good-natured. The architecture there is spectacular and the local snacks are absolutely tasty. This building looks very imposing. The layout of this building is very organised. It's kind of a landmark in my hometown. It enables people to live more comfortably. There are many folk tales about this building. The service there is impeccable. I'm a regular there. It's totally spacious. It's kind of cramped. It has very high ceilings. The whole place is light and airy. It's a place that really lifts your spirits.
它的历史可以追溯到两百年前 它已经成为这座城市不可或缺的一部分 这已经变成了这座城市的久远的传统 它已经成为世界旅行者心生向往的地方 它就像磁铁一样吸引着全世界的旅行者 它是必去之地 它在历史上和文化上 当地人都热情好客且天性淳朴 那里的建筑宏伟壮观,当地的小吃也十分可口 这里的建筑看起来令人印象深刻 建筑的外围井然有序 它是我的家乡的一个地标性建筑 它使人们能够舒适地生活 那里有很多关于这座建筑的民俗故事 这项服务无可挑剔 我是那里的常客 它很宽敞 它有点狭小 它有很高的吊顶 整个这片地方是敞亮且通风 这是个能使你心旷神怡的地方。 ——译文来自: superhero121