Many student ask me which U.S. ranking of colleges is best for getting the best job opportunities after graduation。It is an excellent question.It is something that so many students and their families think about and seldom ask.It is also a complex question, as most good questions are because it brings up two questions:

What is the difference in U.S. college ranking?

Which ranking is best for job opportunities?

It’s begin with your question about job opportunities according to rankings. It will be hard for you to accept that the particular college graduate has much more influence in the job that they get than the ranking of their college.It is hard for you to understand simply because you come from a culture who worships rankings.That kind of superficial understanding makes it hard for you to believe in any other system of influence. 

No matter your belief, the best way for you to judge is to look at the evidence.For example,the U.S. President Richard Nixon, the American president who first came to China to meet Chairman Mao and opened up the political relations between the China and the USA graduated from Whitman College.President Obama went to Occidental College in the state of California.Another good example that you can easily Google and check out for yourself are the list of colleges where the presidents of the Fortune Five Hundred companies (top international business corporations) went to college. 
但中国也有句俗话,实践出真知。我们一起来看看下面几个例子:和毛主席共同开辟了中美关系历史性篇章的尼克松总统毕业于惠特学院(Whittier College)。现任美国总统奥巴马曾就读于加州的西方学院(Occidental College)。还有一些对你来说很容易找到的例子,就是去网上搜一下世界500强的CEO都分别毕业于哪所大学。

I have never met a Chinese high school student, and I have talked to students from Harbin to Shenzhen, from Shanghai to Chendu, who didn’t think that if only they could go to Harvard they would be rich and famous.You will see in the list of the Fortune Five Hundred companies that as many of these corporate presidents went to the University of Texas as to Harvard and became presidents of a top international corporation.

As a writer of many career guide books for high school students, I can tell you that the research shows that the most important influences in job opportunities are your own personal skills. These skills are to access yourself and what you have to offer, research the company where you want to work so that you know what you can offer the company, your handshake and eye contact at your interview. All of these personal qualities to observe, research, and communicate are the very same skills needed to get into an American college. You have complete control over them all, unlike college rankings. No matter your skills or the rankings of colleges, you do not have control over who the college or company is looking for to build their strongest class or company. No number of test scores or rankings will give you that control. So work on what you can control and the influence you can make for college and career choices.