You have recently made a purchase from the local department store. However, when you arrived home, you found a faultwith it. Write a letter to the manager, say what the product is, explain the problem and say what you’d like to be done about it.(投诉信)


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to complain about the recent purchase of a woolensweater from your department store on Philip Street, on August 25, 2007.


我写此信是要就我 2007年8月25日从你们在菲利普大街上的商店里购买的一件羊毛衫进行投诉的。

I recently washed the sweater in cool water, as per the instructions on the label. However, when I removed it from the machine, the garment was stretchedout of shape and no longer fits.


I phoned the store last Tuesday (June 21) and spoke to the department manager, a Mr. Morris, who was rather rude on the phone and informed me that I could not get a replacement sweater as it was purchased at a reduced price. I felt really upset, for I have been a loyal customer of your store for many years and until this incident, never have had any complaints. I, therefore, feel disappointed to be treated in such a manner.


I would, however, be perfectlysatisfied if you would kindly replace the sweater or refund my money, whichever is more convenient.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Kenny Gao



Kenny Gao



You are going to an overseasuniversity to study. Write a letter to the university asking about accommodation and airport pickup.(问询信)


Dear Ms. Morris,

I’m writing to inquire about some information regarding accommodation at your university and the airport pickup issue.



I’m a mature, female student and would prefer, as far as possible, to share some accommodationwith other mature female students, preferably in a quiet location. However, I have no objectionto living on campus as long as it is quiet enough for me to study. I’m also a non-smoker and would prefer to share with other non-smokers although this is a preference rather than a request.


I will arrive in London on August 26 from Shanghai and would be very gratefulif you could send someone to pick me up or, at the least, send me the details of how to get to the university by myself from London Heathrow Airport, as this will be my first time to the UK.

我将于 8月26日从上海抵达伦敦,如果您能安派一下接机,或者至少给我发一下如何从伦敦海斯陆机场前往学校的具体细节,我将万分感激,因为这将是我初次到英国。

I’m looking forward to receiving your reply and meeting you in person in September.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Gao



Susan Gao



Someone you know well is applying to a university abroad. Write a recommendationletter for him, say how you got to know him and why he is worth your recommendation.(推荐信)


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to recommend to you the outstandingpersonality and the super ability for learning of Mr. Robert Jiang.



I got to know Mr. Jiang a few years ago while I was teaching British literature to a class of English majors in which he was a student. His excellent performances on several occasions such as group discussions and open debatereally took me by great surprise. Never had I met a young student speaking English so fluently and accurately. His insightinto British literature as a whole as well as the perspectives he cut into the analysis of characters in the literature aroused my great curiosity about his first-class and unique capability of doing research work. Later on, upon his completion of the Bachelordegree, he moved on to pursue his study for a Master’s degree in the same field of study and I was very lucky to be his supervisor. Mr. Jiang has always been an honest person. He is very friendly to people and is very easy-going. Many of his classmates have mentioned on different occasions about how helpful he was to them and to which I simply cannot agree more.


Now Mr. Jiang is applying to your prestigious university for a chance to continue his Ph.D research. I hope you’ll find he is just as good as I’m now recommendinghim to be. And should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at the following e-mail address:……


Truly yours

Kenny Gao


Kenny Gao



You have a friend who is about to enter university and he wants you to advise him on which subject to specializein. He is very interested in history, but computer science offers better job prospects. Write a letter to give him some advices.(建议信)


Dear Jack,

You have asked me for my advice concerning whether you should study history or computer science at university and now I am trying to give you some useful suggestions.



You must keep in mind that, above all, your university training is a preparationfor your future career. Therefore, your first consideration should be to study a subject which will best equip you to earn a living. There is no doubt that the field of computer offers far wider job opportunitiesthan history.


Besides, we are now in the age of a Hi-tech revolution. In the foreseeable future, not only will it be necessary for everyone to be computer-literate, it will also be necessary for him to be equipped with computer skills merely to earn a living! History, I’m afraid, however fascinatingit may be, offers few career prospects.


Of course, you don’t have to devote all your time at university to studying computers and nothing else. On the contrary, I would recommend that you keep up your reading of history in your spare time. In that way, you will find that your leisure hours are enriched while you prepare yourself for a worthwhilecareer in computers.


Hope you find these suggestions useful in helping you make your decision.


Yours sincerely,

Kenny Gao


Kenny Gao

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