Dogs have struggled during lockdown with owners reporting an increase in barking and biting. Charity the Dogs Trust carried out a study to explore the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Britain’s pooches, and have warned of an impending behaviour crisis in pets. More than 25% of owners say their dog has developed at least one new problem since the start of lockdown. This is combined with a staggering 82% of owners reporting an increase in barking, or whining when they are busy.


The study also found online searches for ‘dog bark’ increased by around 48% – and searches for ‘dog bite’ increased by around 40%. Rachel Casey, from the charity, said: ‘These are challenging times as millions of us across the country have had our daily lives turned upside down. ‘While some dogs have been happy to have their human family at home more, others have been stressed by reduced exercise, inability to find a quiet place to rest or no contact with other dogs. ‘Our research shows some early warning signs that lockdown is having a negative impact on some dogs’ behaviour.

研究也发现网上对“狗叫”的搜索量增加了约48%,“狗咬人”的搜索量增加了约40%。该慈善机构的Rachel Casey说:“现在我们正处于困难时期,全国有数百万人的日常生活都发生了彻底改变。虽然有些狗狗觉得主人在家的时间多了很开心,但其他狗狗因为锻炼减少、没有安静的休息地方或者不能和其他狗狗玩而变得焦躁。我们的研究发现了隔离对狗狗行为产生消极影响的早期征兆。”

‘A big worry for us is what the long-term impact of lockdown will have on dogs’ ability to cope when left home alone. ‘Dogs that had separation anxiety before the lockdown are likely to get worse when left again as owners head back to work – but we also expect to see new cases developing, because other dogs, and particularly puppies, have learnt to expect company all day.’ People have also seen a 20% increase in their dogs frequently seeking attention, and there has been a 54% rise in the number of people saying their dog has hidden or moved away when approached. The Dogs Trust said it is now worries that if these behavioural problems aren’t identified and treated early on that the country could see an increase in dog abandonment in the future – or even euthanasia. The charity, which said the single biggest reason why dogs are abandoned is because of behaviour-related issues, predicts that up to 40,000 dogs could be at risk of abandonment as a result of the pandemic.