Tesla is scrapping plans for a bargain Model Y SUV because of its short range on a single charge, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet over the weekend.
特斯拉首席执行官埃隆·马斯克周末在推特上说,特斯拉要取消推出廉价Model Y SUV车型的计划,因为单次充电的续航短。

Earlier this year, the electric car maker began producing its pricier, dual-motor all-wheel drive version of the Model Y, which starts at $49,000.
今年早些时候,这家电动车制造商开始生产价格更高的双电机四轮驱动的Model Y车型,49,000美元起售。

Tesla had planned to roll out a cheaper version of the Model Y — expected to be priced under $40,000 — with a single engine, rear-wheel drive and smaller battery. But Musk tweeted that the range on that vehicle would have been "unacceptably low" at less than 250 miles on a single charge.
特斯拉原计划要推出一款Model Y的廉价车型,预计售价低于40,000美元,该车型为单引擎后轮驱动,电池容量小。但马斯克在推特上说该车型的续航“过短”,单次充电行驶距离不超过250英里。

Tesla says it is still planning a more affordable, single-engine version of the Model Y, but it will have a bigger battery and longer range than the shortest range version of the Model 3. And because of that, it'll probably have a higher price tag.
特斯拉称仍计划推出一款价格低廉、单引擎的Model Y,但电池容量会更大,续航里程会超过里程最短的Model 3。因此,定价也会更高。

The company typically offers for each vehicle a "long range" version and a more expensive "performance" version that might get fewer miles per charge but can, for example, accelerate faster.

Musk said in a follow-up tweet that the single-motor Model Y would come out "in a few months."
马斯克在随后发的推文中说,这款单引擎的Model Y“几个月内”会上市。