Earlier in the year, McDonald’s Singapore brought back its gooey Chocolate Pie, and now it has brought back another tasty dessert. Is anyone wishing they could hop on a plane immediately to go get this Coconut Pie?

It appears that the fruity pie first came out in 2017, and McDonald’s Singapore has just brought it back in May 2020 for takeout and at the drive-thru. Perfect for summertime, right? The crispy pie crust is stuffed with a coconut filling and nata de coco bits, which is a coconut gel. Needless to say, people who love coconut will be all over this treat.

As with other McDonald’s pies, this one is served hot, so it’ll certainly be oozing with tropical flavor goodness. Talk about sending your taste buds into overdrive! If you weren’t already salivating, the reviews will make it uncontrollable.

“I love your coconut pie,” one person wrote. “Please don’t leave me again!!!!!!!”

These international fast-food dessert offerings tend to only stick around for a limited time, and it looks like that’s the case this time around. So if you’re craving a warm treat that carries a vacation-inspired flavor, this is an obvious choice.