A Roman Catholic priest in the Detroit area has taken aim at his parishioners in a bid to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, using a squirt gun to shoot holy water.

Photos posted on social media by the St Ambrose Church show the Reverend Timothy Pelc shooting water into a car window as it stopped by the steps of the church. He wore a mask, face shield and rubber gloves as further precautions against spreading the coronavirus.


The photos of the priest at the church in Grosse Pointe Park were taken at Easter but have recently gone viral and have inspired memes online. One shows the 70-year-old priest amid the fires of hell directing the squirt gun at devil-like figures.
这个教堂位于Grosse Pointe Park,牧师的照片是在复活节拍的,最近走红了,网上还出现了模因,其中有一个展示的是这位70岁的牧师站在地狱之火中,把水枪对准魔鬼一样的人。

Pelc told BuzzFeed News that he was a little concerned about how the Vatican might react when the photos of him squirting holy water began circulating widely on the internet. But, he said, “I haven’t heard anything yet.”
佩尔克对《BuzzFeed News》说,他担心自己喷圣水的照片一旦在网上传播开来,梵蒂冈会有什么反应。但他说:“我还没有听到什么消息。”

The idea was to find a way to continue a tradition of blessing Easter baskets despite the pandemic. One photo shows Pelc standing behind a car with its hatchback door up, shooting water at a basket of flowers. He said he has a “pretty wacky mind and pretty accepting congregation”.

The church and surrounding communities have taken the pandemic seriously, Pelc said. Parishioners have tied blue ribbons on trees at the church for each person who has died of Covid-19 in Michigan. That number is now approaching 5,000.