If you see a lot of Princess Diana in Meghan Markle, you're definitely not alone. According to Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, Meghan has a lot in common with the People's Princess—and he thinks that's probably what attracted Prince Harry to her to begin with.
可能你发现梅根·马克尔和戴安娜王妃有很多相似之处,很多人都跟你一样。据戴安娜从前的管家Paul Burrell说,梅根和这位人民王妃很像,他认为这可能就是最初她吸引哈里王子的地方。

"Harry went for and married Meghan because she's like Diana," Burrell reportedly said during an interview with Closer magazine. "Both women who would always stand up for what they believe in and wouldn't be pushovers."


Even though Burrell thinks Meghan and Diana are similar women, he also said those similarities could have been the cause of some issues between them, if they'd gotten the chance to meet.

"I think, possibly, they would have clashed," he said. "I imagine it would have been two strong, independent women with different views on things—it would have been a battle between Meghan's way and Diana's way."

Burrell, who worked for Diana for 10 years before her tragic death in 1997, doesn't think Meghan is a carbon copy of Diana, of course. He said he thinks Meghan was probably more media savvy going into her royal marriage than Diana was. Diana, he said, had to learn to find her voice in the media.

"I think the main difference between them is that Meghan has a game plan, whereas Diana was young and naïve," he added. "Diana did the book with Andrew Morton and courted the press over the years because she didn't have a voice. And her strong-mindedness meant she cared and she felt the people of the country had a right to know what had gone on behind closed doors."