When the COVID-19 pandemic began its spread earlier this year, some of the worst horror stories about the disease came from people trapped on cruise ships. Unsurprisingly then, cruise companies were also some of the worst-hit businesses when the economic fallout from the pandemic began to hit.

But apparently the prospect of being stuck on a boat full of infected people isn’t enough to deter some people from going back out to sea as soon as possible, reports TMZ. The publication says a representative from Cruise Planners, an American Express travel company, has revealed bookings for Carnival Cruises in August have surged.
但据TMZ(娱乐新闻网站)报道,显然,可能被困在满是感染人群的船上这件事并不足以阻止有些人尽快又往海上跑。文章中说来自美国运通公司的旅游公司Cruise Planners的一名代表透露,八月份嘉年华游轮的预定量激增。

Last week Carnival announced that some of its cruises could resume in August. Since that announcement, the Cruise Planners representative says, Carnival bookings shot up 600% compared to the previous three days before news of August Carnival trips were announced.
上周嘉年华游轮公司宣布邮轮会在八月份恢复。Cruise Planners的这名代表说自从宣布这一消息以后,嘉年华游轮的预定量与宣布要恢复的之前三天相比暴增了600%。

However, what’s really surprising is that Cruise Planners says that August 2020 bookings are up 200% over August 2019 bookings—back when no one had any worries about being stuck on “death ships.”
但真正令人震惊的是Cruise Planners公司说2020年8月份的预定量比2019年同期增加了200%,但当时人们并不需要担心会被困在“死亡之船”上。

So why the surge in bookings? The Cruise Planners representative said those making bookings were generally younger and healthy and thus “not a bit concerned about traveling at this time.” The rep also said a pent-up desire for traveling after being cooped up in lockdown for so long has played a part in the surge of bookings. Of course, the fact that you can also book a Carnival Cruise for as low as $28 a night might have something to do with the high number of August bookings, too.
那为什么预定量会激增呢?Cruise Planners的代表说预定的人大都是年轻健康的人,因此“一点都不担心在此时出行”。该代表也说被困在家这么久产生的被压抑的出行愿望是预定量激增的部分原因。当然嘉年华游轮一晚低至28美元的票价也导致了8月份预定量增多。