Airbnb is about to go on a cleaning binge.

The home-sharing service, under pressure from the coronavirus crisis, said Monday that it is establishing a new recommended "cleaning protocol" with the goal of reassuring both rental property hosts and their guests.

Airbnb said in a statement that the optional protocol will offer guidance on the best and safest practices for cleansing a residence's various rooms. It will include a manual more than 40 pages long establishing the standards, as well as specifying particular chemicals and other products to do the job.

The protocol, for those hosts who choose to opt in, will also require a minimum 24 hours between rentals to reduce the chance a guest might encounter any residual viruses. Potential guests will be able to see whether hosts have opted in.

A top company official said Airbnb knows from surveys that cleanliness is a high priority with guests.

"It was clear they wanted to know what you were doing to make sure the place itself would be clean," said Chris Lehane, a senior vice president, in an interview.
高级副总裁Chris Lehane在采访中说:“很明显他们想要知道你们是怎样确认住处是否干净的。”

The travel industry has started to take notice of the need to offer reassurances about cleaning. Last week, for instance, Marriott International said it will adopt its own enhanced standards, including spraying hotel rooms with disinfectant after every guest stay.