Pokémon Go will soon get a bit easier to play at home from that indent in your couch.
你很快就能轻松地窝在家里的沙发上玩Pokémon Go了。

The game was a smash hit when AR pioneer Niantic launched it in 2016. That year now resembles a distant memory, but Pokémon Go is still quite popular today:
AR开发公司Niantic在2016年刚推出这款游戏时它曾风靡一时。那一年就像遥远的记忆,但现在Pokémon Go仍然很受欢迎:

It had its best year ever by revenue in 2019, according to an estimate from Sensor Tower. The coronavirus lockdowns have since undermined much of what made Pokémon Go so compelling, so Niantic says it’s working on “new and exciting gameplay that can be enjoyed both from home and when we’re able to go out and explore together again.”
据Sensor Tower(移动应用数据分析公司)估计,2019年这款游戏收益最高。新冠疫情限制了人们活动,影响了Pokémon Go最受欢迎的玩法,所以Niantic公司称正在开发“新的好玩的游戏,既能在家玩,也能外出时和朋友一起玩。”

Remote Raids is the big change coming to players next. Raid Battles, added to the game in 2017, enable players to get together at a physical spot to battle powerful pokémon. “Soon,” Niantic says, “you’ll be able to join any Raid Battle you can see on the Nearby screen or that you can tap on the map.” TechCrunch reports the feature will be “live in the coming days.”
玩家接下来要看到Remote Raids这个新功能了,是这个游戏的一大变化。2017年这个游戏新增的Raid Battles功能使玩家能找个地点聚在一起进行强大的宝可梦战斗。Niantic公司说:“很快你们就能加入任何在Nearby屏幕上所能看到的或在地图上能点击的Raid Battle了。” TechCrunch博客说这一功能“近期将会上线”。

Niantic teased other updates in the works, “including improved battle-screen design” and bonus Field Research “activities that you can complete from home.” Check out Niantic’s blog for more details.
Niantic还公布了其他即将推出的更新,“包括改进的作战屏幕设计”和额外的Field Research活动,“你在家就能玩” 。去看看Niantic的微博,可以了解更多细节。