The coronavirus pandemic is the stuff of nightmares.

A publicly-sourced blog, I Dream of Covid, is documenting the strange and often-disturbing dreams many are experiencing during the coronavirus lockdown.
公共博客“I Dream of Covid”正在记录疫情封城期间很多人正在经历的奇怪的、总是很令人困扰的梦。

“I just woke up from a dream where a vaccine had come out for the coronavirus, but there wasn’t enough for everyone,” writes an anonymous 20-something California resident of a nightmare they had on April 6. “I was responsible for figuring out who could get treatment and who had to die.”

Erin Gravley was inspired to start the site 10 days after the Bay Area began sheltering in place, and she had a dream about social distancing.
在海湾地区开始提供避难所的10天后,Erin Gravley突发奇想建了这个网站,她做了一个与扩大社交距离有关的梦。

“These are highly unusual times,” Gravley, a Marin County, Calif., resident, writes on her blog. “I was curious to know how the anxieties of the moment would translate to our dreams.”

So far, Gravley has collected about 50 dreams, and anyone can contribute their own through this online form. Many of the ones submitted have been about insects and people becoming sick, and insects in the context of rotting flesh, she says.

She’s not the only one intrigued by the nightmares of those on lockdown. Harvard Medical School assistant professor of psychology Deirdre Barrett has also begun collecting coronavirus-related dreams to analyze and compare.
不只有她对封城期间人们的噩梦感兴趣,哈佛医学院心理学助教Deirdre Barrett也开始搜集与冠状病毒有关的梦来分析比对。

“I like to say that dreams are just thinking in a different biochemical state, and I think we’re still grappling with all the same issues that concern us when we’re awake,” she tells Vice.