If you thought foldable screens were the next big smartphone trend, TCL would like to have a word. The company is showing off a concept phone with a rollable display, allowing one section to slide out and form a larger tablet.

Apparently users would press a button on the phone to activate its internal motors, causing the screen to unfurl. Compared to foldable screens, TCL says rollable displays don’t have any creasing down the middle.

TCL had planned to demonstrate the phone at Mobile World Congress last week, but its organizers canceled the trade show due to fears over the spread of coronavirus.

Being a concept, TCL isn’t saying when it will bring rollable phones to market, or if it ever will at all. The same goes for TCL’s tri-fold tablet concept that it began showing off last fall.

Given all the issues that the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and foldable Motorola Razr have run into, TCL could be forgiven for not rushing anything to market.
鉴于三星Galaxy Fold、Galaxy Z Flip和可折叠的摩托罗拉Razr出现的问题,TCL没有急于推出任何产品都可以理解。