Ikea is recalling yet another product that could tip over and injure—or kill—small children. The mega-retailer has recalled 800,000 Kullen dressers after receiving six reports that they have tipped over, causing injuries in some cases. The dresser was sold at Ikea stores between April 2005 and December 2019, and cost about $60.

In 2016, Ikea recalled 29 million Malm dressers after six children died when the furniture toppled over. And in January, Co.Design reported that Ikea had agreed to a $46 million settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by parents of a toddler who was killed after a Malm dresser tipped over on the child.

Ikea’s pet furniture has also led to the death of animals in the past.

In this case, Ikea is warning customers that they if they have not properly anchored their Kullen dresser to the wall, they should discontinue using it immediately, and either return it or anchor it.

Last year, Ikea launched an app, along with an ad campaign, inviting consumers to learn more about how to install furniture safely, including room-by-room tips based on a child’s age.

The company also sends free kits to anchor furniture to the wall or provide in-home installation for free.