Remember way back in summer of 2019 when a very clearly bored Justin Bieber, out of nowhere, decided to challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC Octagon? Lucky you: that story is back.

In the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke, the Bieb appeared alongside James Corden, who asked about the challenge; he also apologetically told the singer that he would take the side of the Top Gun and Mission Impossible star.
在最新一期的《Carpool Karaoke》中,比伯和詹姆斯·柯登一起,柯登问起挑战的事,他还抱歉地对比伯说他会支持那位《壮志凌云》和《碟中谍》的主演(也就是汤姆·克鲁斯)。

Bieber didn't take kindly to the assertion that he would lose. “I’m trying not to let my ego get in the way, but there’s absolutely no way,” he said. “[Cruise is] not the guy you see in movies. That’s a character …Phenomenal shape doesn’t mean you’re a good fighter.”

Not letting his ego get in the way is apparently easier said than done for the singer, who just last week released his latest album, Changes. In discussing why and how he would beat Cruise in this still-extremely-hypothetical fight, he ran through some standout factors about himself: he's "dangerous," his "agility is insane," and he's "the Conor McGregor of entertainment," whatever that means.

An interesting reference too—Bieber used to be friends with one of McGregor's rivals, Floyd Mayweather, before the two had a very immature and very public falling out.

Earlier in the conversation, Bieber confirmed the genesis of the Cruise situation to be exactly what we thought it was: he was very bored. “I don’t know, I was just being stupid, to be honest,” he said, showing a surprising level of self-awareness. “But people were like, ‘I want to see this happen,’ and I was like, ‘You know what? That could actually be funny.’”