Another legal blow for Uber  in Europe: A regional court in Frankfurt has banned the company from sending ride-hailing requests to rental car companies via its app — with the court finding multiple competition violations.

The ruling, over Uber’s dispatching process, follows a legal challenge brought by a German taxi association.

In Germany, Uber’s ride-hailing business works exclusively with professional and licensed private-hire vehicle (PHV) companies — whose drivers and cars have the necessary licenses and permits to transport passengers. So the court ban essentially outlaws Uber’s current model in the country — unless it’s able to make changes to come into compliance.

Uber can appeal the Frankfurt court’s judgement, but did not respond when asked whether it intends to do so.

The ban is enforceable immediately. It’s not clear whether Uber will temporarily pause service in the market to come into compliance — it has not said it will do so, suggesting it intends to scramble to make changes while continuing to operate. But if it does that, it risks fines if it’s caught breaching the law in the meanwhile.