Time to up your salt game. You can now harvest artisanal sea salt right on your countertop.

Gourmet salts are having a moment. Sure, on one hand, table salt is just sodium chloride, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. On the other, the crystalized, colorful finishing salts used by gourmet restaurants will often contain surprising flavors resulting from unique, localized minerals from where they were sourced. 

Much like wine, these salts capture terroir—which is why the $1 billion gourmet salt market is seeing moderate but steady growth, projected to reach $1.5 billion by 2023.

Now, you can bring rare salt production home. SAL⊥, created by Boir Studio, is a personal, gourmet salt making kit. 

The system is a beautiful heirloom unto itself. It’s a ceramic tray, wrapped in one of two finishes of hand-carved oak or walnut. Boir includes a small bottle of concentrated salt water from the Mediterranean. 

You pour in a very thin layer of water, set the tray in the sun or oven, and the crystals will form all on their own. (In the oven, the process is downright quick: It takes just 25 minutes.)

“Inspiration for this kit came to my husband, Ivan, when he noticed the small pools of seawater trapped in the rocks at the beach,” says Boir cofounder Vlatka Leskovar. “He saw the water evaporate, leaving little nuggets of natural salt.”
Boir工作室的合伙创始人Vlatka Leskovar说,“我丈夫注意到沙滩上的岩礁会围住小滩海水,那时他灵光乍现。他看到那些海水蒸发,留下小块的天然海盐。”

SAL⊥ is available now for $107. Additional sea water is sold in four packs for $29. And if that sounds expensive, well, you clearly haven’t dipped your toe very deeply into the world of gourmet salt.