In Berlin, a billboard against anti-Semitism might backfire.

Passengers on the Berlin subway are encountering billboards these days with the inscription “Du Jude” [“You’re a Jew” or “You Jew”]. Alongside the inscription there are alternately pictures of a leek, an ostrich, a wooden column and a rag. At the bottom of each picture and in smaller letters is the inscription: “Don’t let the [leek, ostrich, etc.] tell you anything. Jew is not an insult. You’re a Jew. #sowhat.”
近些天柏林地铁上的乘客都会看到带有“Du Jude”(“你是犹太人”或者“你这个犹太人”)字样的广告牌。还配有韭菜、鸵鸟、木柱和抹布等图片。每个图片下面还会有一排小字“不要以为‘韭菜、鸵鸟等’能代表什么,‘犹太人’并不是一种侮辱,你就是犹太人,那又怎么样呢?”

Berliners are used to provocative ads and jokey billboards, so the campaign did not cause an uproar or merit special attention. However, several people who came across it felt embarrassed. The attentive viewer won’t find it difficult to understand that the signs are designed to convey a message against anti-Semitism.

However, what is understood at first glance is the large inscription “Du Jude” alongside a picture of a rag and a bird with a large, threatening beak – a demeaning, threatening visual message.
但人们第一眼看到的是大大的“Du Jude”字样和带有抹布、长着大得吓人的喙的鸟的图片,这些视觉信息有辱人格,具有威胁性。

Behind the campaign is the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which espouses a strengthening of democracy and pluralism and the fight against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Expression such as “Du Jude” and “Jew Shit” have become common curses among students in the German school system. “Anyone who deals with anti-Semitism is familiar with the problem,” says Miki Hermer, a Jewish woman who is in charge of projects against anti-Semitism in the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.
“Du Jude”和“犹太垃圾”这些话是德国学校的学生们常说的脏话。Miki Hermer是阿马迪乌·安东尼奥基金会的反对反犹太主义项目负责人,这位犹太女人说:“所有处理反犹太主义事务的人都熟知这一问题。”