The Indian Navy has welcomed its first woman pilot, with Sub Lieutenant Shivangi taking control of an aircraft in another significant milestone for the country's armed forces.

Shivangi, 24, who goes by one name, will be given her wings and join naval operations in a ceremony on Monday.

图片来源:Indian Navy

"It's a very big thing," Shivangi told CNN. "It's a big responsibility for all of us and I know that I have to do well."

Shivangi completed her basic training in 2018 at the Indian Naval Academy and was brought to Kochi, in southwest India's Kerala state, to train with the Indian naval air squadron, the INAS 550.
Shivangi于2018在印度海军学院完成基础训练,然后被送往印度西南部喀拉拉邦的科钦与印度海空军中队INAS 550一起训练。

Until 1992, India's naval forces only permitted women to serve in medical services.

Shivangi will be tasked with flying Dornier aircraft, which are used by the navy for transport and maritime reconnaissance, taking off and landing on the shore, rather than from an aircraft carrier.

"We also use it for certain rescue missions, and according to the requirement, medical evacuation and all those things, so I'll be a part of all those missions," Shivangi said.

According to Cmdr. Sridhar Warrier, defense press relations officer for the navy, the class of aircraft Shivangi will be flying "cover large distances over the sea and provide information to the ship at sea of any suspicious or interesting activity happening."
海军国防新闻关系官Sridhar Warrier中校称,Shivangi将驾驶的飞机等级是“在海上进行长距离航行,并向海上船舶提供任何正在发生的可疑或有趣的活动信息”。

The Indian Navy has positions for 735 pilots, with about 644 currently filled, according to Indian Ministry of Defense figures.

More than 200 aircraft make up its naval air wing, including MIG 29-K fighter jets, Boeing P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft, several classes of helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft.