Part 1

Drink water


How often do you drink water?



It depends. If I do some exercise or eat something savory, I’ll drink water more frequently. Otherwise I only drink water when I feel thirsty.



Eg: When I feel stressed out, I’m always in want of something savory to cheer up a little bit.



What kinds of water do you like to drink?



I don’t have a particular preference. I usually drink boiled water at home, and when I’m out sometimes I’ll buy mineral water. But I don’t really like energy drink, it tastes weird.



Eg: Parents should not show preferences for one particular baby when it has siblings.


Do you drink bottled water or water from water machines?



If I’m at workplace or staying at home, I’ll drink water from water machine; if I’m going out, I’ll buy bottled water for sure.



Eg: Workplace communication is extremely significant.


Part 2 & 3

Part 2


Describe something you do to keep you concentrated.

You should say:

What it is

How often you do it

When you started doing it

And explain why it helped you concentrate.






According to my personal experience, I believe that yoga is the best way to keep me concentrated. For a very long period of time, I had concentration issues and was not able to focus on one thing for a long period of time. I made several attempts to solve this problem, and finally I find doing some exercise, especially doing yoga, is the best way to keep me concentrated. Once you fit some regular exercise into your daily routine, you can focus better.


I do yoga very often, nearly on a weekly basis. I do it at home or in a gym not far from my flat and I have been doing it for a few months now. At very first, actually I tried many kinds of activities to increase my concentration, such as swimming and jogging, but they were not as effective as I thought. I only find solace in yoga. Doing yoga in the morning not only provides me the positive mindset required for the entire day but also refreshes me immediately. It always makes me energetic, and effectively helps me to focus on my work or study.


Besides, there are different yoga techniques that we can do in our daily life, but personally the most helpful part is the one I can try while working as well. For instance, when I am really tired at work I try pulling up and down my toes. It not only relaxes my toes but also helps me to keep concentrated.



concentration 名词;专注

EgNeal kept interrupting, breaking my concentration.


solace: 名词;慰藉

EgAbove all, it requires clairvoyant souls—that is, without solace.


③mindset: 名词;心态

EgI try to have a positive mindset, keep my mind focused on what I have to do.


energetic: 形容词;经历充沛的

EgIbrahim is 59, strong looking, enormously energetic and accomplished.



Part 3题目


1. Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?



Of course, it’s very important for children to know how to keep themselves concentrated. The ability to focus involves the ability of self-control on initial impulses. Reports have shown that children who have developed the skills of keeping concentrated often do better in school and are more likely to achieve their aims.



①initial 形容词:最初的

Eg: The initial reaction has been excellent.


impulse: 名词;冲动

Eg: Unable to resist the impulse, he glanced at the sea again.


2. What can employers do to help employees concentrate?



I think employers need to set some regular breaks for employees during the working time since it can help to keep workers refreshed. Many employees believe they should spend as much time at their work places as possible. Some even feel guilty for taking breaks away from their works. However, research shows that people can't concentrate on tasks for such long periods of time. When people don't take breaks, they become inefficient.



①guilty 形容词:内疚的

Eg: I feel so guilty, leaving all this to you.


inefficient: 形容词;无效率的

Eg: Their communication systems are inefficient in the extreme.



3. What kinds of jobs require higher concentration?



I think the jobs that need to work with numbers must require higher concentration, such as being an accountant, engineer, computer programmer, lab assistant and so on. Commonly, most high-concentration jobs also require a relatively high level of technical skills. In my experience, skills are the key to keeping these kinds of jobs.



①accountant 名词;会计

Eg: An accountant is a person whose job is to keep financial accounts.


relatively: 副词;相对地

Eg: The sums needed are relatively small.



4. Have you ever felt difficult to concentrate?



Yes, I had concentration issues and was not able to focus on one thing for a long period of time. I made several attempts to solve this problem, and finally I find doing some exercise, especially doing yoga, is the best way to keep me concentrated.




Eg: He gave up the attempt in despair.


yoga: 名词;瑜伽

Eg: Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing, and to relax your mind.





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