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Part 1



Who is your favorite celebrity in China?



Well, my favorite celebrity in China is Jack Ma who is the founder and CEO of Alibaba Group. I like him not only because he and his team created the biggest shopping website for consumers, but also he dramatically changed the traditional way of payment with the invention of Alipay.


Do you want to be a celebrity in the future?



Well, to be honest, I don’t want to be a celebrity as it makes me feel rather uncomfortable when I become the focus of people’s attention. Plus, I would really hate it when my privacy gets violated.


In general, how do people become celebrities?



Well, in recent years, more and more people become celebrities by participating in some talent shows in which they show one or two special talents to the audience and judges, and then they soon get known by the public after they win the contest.


What kinds of people will become famous?



From my perspective, I think people with some special talents are more likely to become famous or someone whose remarks or behavior draw a lot of public attention. For instance, those who impress the audience and judges with their extraordinary talents in a talent show or those who leave weird comments on a controversial issue through social media.  



Part 2 & 3

Part 2题目


Describe a new development (such as a new building, new roads) in your city?

You should say:

what it is

what it is used for

what it looks like

And explain why you like or dislike it.



此话题属于物品类话题, 所要描述的是“你所在城市的一个新变化或者进展等”;,我们可能使用的主要时态是 ”Past Tense”“Present Tense” 以及 “Present Perfect Tense”等等;接着,我们预览一下前三个“basic information”,然后思考一下:在交代这些基础信息的时候,可否添加一些补充信息, 使我们的描述听上去更加生动可信?比如,在描述这个新变化的同时, 是否可以拓展提到这个变化的特色, 特点? 它给城市或者城市居民带来的好处, 坏处等等。


到最后的部分, 我们需要说明: 为什么你喜欢或者不喜欢这个变化; 这里得给出具体的细节支持, 比如可以利用个人经历,举例或者对比等方式进行详细解释说明。



Talking about a new development in my city, I think it is a brand-new shopping mall which was built at the end of last year. It is located in the south of my city, so it is very close to where I live, which makes it convenient for me to visit quite often. Similar to most other shopping malls, it is a complex which consists of a number of buildings, and each building was designed for merchants to sell certain types of products, which means customers can have easy access to different shops for one particular product they want by just walking around in one building only, and with quite a few buildings in this shopping mall, there is definitely a variety of products as well as services ranging from clothing, home appliances, movie theatres, to fitness centres, and you can even find a hair salon if you feel like a new hair style. In addition, there is also a food court on the top floor of one building where you can have some rest and feed yourself with some yummy food when you get hungry.


I love this shopping mall because of two major reasons. One is that it is so close to my home that it only takes me about 15 minutes to get there by bus. Therefore, I often go there whenever I feel bored on weekends, and sometimes I would also ask a few close friends of mine to watch a movie or have dinner together. And the other reason is that I especially favor one café in that shopping mall. It is not because of the coffee they provide, but because of the magazines they put on the shelf for customers to read. I really enjoy reading those magazines because I could often find some useful tips that can inspire me in cooking so that I can keep on making yummy food at home for my loved ones.



brand-new 形容词; 崭新的

EgHe proposed a brand-new suggestion in this meeting, but some people doubted it.


②complex: 名词; 综合设施  综合广场等

EgSome visitors might get rather confused when they walk into a complex with so many similar buildings.


③range from:  短语; …..…..

Eg: This boy is crazy about music ranging from country music, folk music, rock music to classic music.


inspire 动词;启发

EgThe professor meant to inspire his students with the story he told in his class.


Part 3题目


Are there any new changes that happened at your home recently?



Yes, there are. I visited my home last Spring Festival, and what I found was that parents actually had a redecoration for our home. They bought some new doors to replace the old ones, and they also got some new beds for each bedroom, and they even bought a bigger sofa in the living room.



redecoration 名词;重新装修

EgThe majority of students believe that the school library needs a redecoration.


② replace : 动词;替代 取代

Eg: One important performer cannot make it to the show tonight, and it will be hard to find a substitute to replace him.  


Do you wish to make any changes in our neighborhood?



Yes, there is one particular change that I really wish for, and that is there should be another open space which is far away from our neighborhood so that elder ladies could still keep on their leisure activity of dancing with loud music in the evening. Therefore, young people like me would not feel bothered when we get home and want a good rest after a long day of work.


particular 形容词;特有的  特别的

EgHe visits that shoe store quite a few times each year as there is one particular type of brand that he can only find in that store. 


②keep on 短语;继续 持续

EgAlthough his company went bankrupt, he still keeps on donating to charities.


Why do some elder people go against new changes in their life?



Well, because most elder people are pretty conservative in their life, meaning any form of new changes would probably make them feel upset. For instance, when you take them to a newly-opened restaurant, they might feel uncomfortable, or when you ask them to try some new high-tech devices, you may get a refusal. 



conservative 形容词;保守的  传统的

Eg:  Someone who is conservative or has conservative ideas is unwilling to accept changes and new ideas.


high-tech: 形容词;高科技的

EgDespite his age, he really likes to use those high-tech devices a lot. 












题目:The maps show the Riverside Park in 2010 and the Riverside Park now.







The two maps show the main changes which have taken place in the Riverside Park from 2010 to the present day. During these eight years the park has experienced an improvement in facilities while the green areas are well maintained.


In 2010, the park contained a number of large mature trees in the southwest and three car parks outside the woods. Next to the car parks was a long walking track stretching from southwest to northeast within the park. A river was in the northern part, flowing from west to east. And in the east of the park there was a heritage railway which serves as a vital north-south transport artery.


At present, a cycle path has been built along the river edge, running through the majority of the park from west to east. In addition, a large scale of land in the middle of the park is applied to construct recreational facilities such as sports fields, swings, and a café bar. The station is located to the south of the recreation area, which is very convenient for the tourists. On the opposite of the recreation area, a hotel with the parking lot is newly built to provide a rest place for the tourists.      



facility: n.   设施

walking track: 步行道

serve as: adv. 充当







沪江网校雅思教研,英国杜伦大学毕业;英文专业8级;高中英语教师资格证书等,主攻雅思托福等留学考试。参与沪江网校World English A2 B1、新版雅思6.5分写作、新版雅思7分写作等课程的设计规划与制作。



题目:Some people think that schools should stop teaching children by using books, because children find them boring and that children can learn from films, TV, video games and computers instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?








Thanks to the development of modern technology, children nowadays are granted the access to the Internet and other multi-media at an early age. As the trend continues, some people suggest that schools should abandon the traditional textbooks and adopt movies or computer games as the main teaching material. Taking the current situation into consideration, I think the proposed way is too far from realistic.


It is true that TV and computer games provide a new way to learn, and the sound and images can make children focus more on the screen. Nevertheless, fascinating and attractive as they are, the new media can only be a kind of after-meal dessert compared with the main course pupils read and learn in school. Information from the internet and other hi-tech sources might be incorrect and could not match the pupils’ abilities perfectly, so they are more suitable as an extracurricular supplement. Still, it is the textbooks that play the significant role to educate and inspire the students.


Years of practice has proven that well-designed curricular materials have the power to be inviting as well as informative to children. One of the most distinctive features of textbooks is that they provide a systematic learning route with scientific teaching modules and scaffolding methods, which ensures the scope and sequence of certain subjects. Therefore, children can learn more efficiently and comprehensively using these traditional materials.


Besides, the concept of teaching through computer games and other media just started in recent years, so the theory is not fully developed and the results differ among a variety of experiments. Though it is good to embrace the new, we cannot afford to put the future of our next generation on the bet.


To sum up, the technology development indeed offers us a new field of teaching methods, but whether they are a good way to learn or merely a kind of entertainment in disguise still needs to be discussed. So currently it is advisable to choose reading books, the safer and more reasonable learning style as the mainstream in education.




grant: v.   授予

fascinating: adj.   迷人的

extracurricular: adj.   课外的

inviting: adj.   吸引人的

scaffolding: n.   辅助提升/进步的方式

put…on the bet   赌上……

in disguise   伪装成






沪江网校留学资深教研老师,同济大学英语语言文学硕士,主攻雅思托福等留学考试。参与沪江网校《雅思保七冲八》、Unlock A1-B2雅思能力课程、World English B1、新版雅思6.5分阅读、新版雅思7分听力等课程的设计规划与制作,并帮助多名1V1学生达到雅思写作7分。





Section 1

Section One






1. June

2. 12

3. Donalson

4. ticket

5. headaches

6. Light

7. Thursday

8. concert

9. sunscreen

10. nurse


Section 2

Section Two








11. If you want to fish there, you need to tell them passport number

12. And have a fishing license from your home country. If you don’t have one, you need proof of passing a fishing exam

13. You can go to the local bank for the fishing costs, regulations and ask for which type of fishing license

14. Then they will find details of accommodation on island you can go fishing



15. Pine tree beach——G. on calm days

16. Oyster ocean——H. when it rains

17. Port——B. at night

18. Marton Reservoir——C. in autumn

19. Southern Coast——F. in winter

20. Bella Sea——E. in March and April


Section 3

Section Three





匹配题 4题)



21. Why does the shape of Hei-kiti look unusual

B. difficulty in carving stones

22. Very few Hei-tiki are found in archaeological site because

C. the villagers look after them carefully

23. What was Hei-tiki regarded by Moris People as

B. a communication way to their ancestors

24. What is the distinction between two types of Hei-tiki

C. the position of hands and legs

25. What is the characteristics of a new type of Hei-tiki

A. It has metal setting



26. Sand:——E. to form the shape

27. Stick and string——A. use for cave details

28. Bark——C. to make the end

29. Wax——B. to polish the eyes

30. Bone——G. to attach it together


Section 4

Section Four







31. Diet was influenced by geographical and social factors

32. Undigested food left in stomach

33. Food sticking to pots

34. Prepared and eaten food

35. Knife used for cooking

36. The account of food people lend to consume

37. Chemical signature

38. Teeth that showed some values

39. Prevalent food was hard to find

40. Extreme climate






Passage1Undergraduates: Guidelines to Literature Study





1-4 事实判断

1. novels, short stories and poems more significant than dramatic texts   FALSE

2. literature students lack experience in performing   NOT GIVEN

3. significant of texts vary   TRUE

4. there is performance element in novels and poems   TRUE


5-13 表格填空

5. (the) upper classes

6. 'comedies of manners'

7. scenery

8. 'melodrama'

9. music

10. electric light

11. educated

12. reflection

13. non-west


Passage2Moon Search





14-20 标题配对

14. confirming existence of a moon that cannot be actually seen G

15. size of a moon that can be found D

16. environment that unlikely to develop life form H

17. two moons that may have liquid water F

18. imagined world that supports life A

19. D

20. methodology that reuses information B


21-23 特征配对

21. a moon that may be seen from earth   C Peters & Turner

22. exomoons hot enough   C Peters & Turner

23. Kepler may not find a moon   B Greg Laughlin


23-26 填空

24. 'transiting'

25. mass

26. sky


Passage3Working Efficiency





27-30 观点判断

27. humans have fixed energy   NO

28. people feel hunger at the end of energy cycle   NO

29. regular breaks in appropriate in some organizations   YES

30. negative emotions raised work absence   NOT GIVEN


31-35 单选题

31. ultradian rhythms   C people may have regular downtime

32. D

33. expression of appreciation   A works best when precise

34. people may find their values by   D what behaviors may offend them

35. most suitable candidates for the program   B want change but still in control


36-40 配对

36. G   do not perform best in a certain period of time

37. D   immediately learned the way to deal with pressure

38. A   discussed achievements and life outside workplace

39. F   completed challenging tasks more quickly

40. B   feel accomplishments early in the day